Speech Therapy

Unique Home Health offers Speech Therapy services to patients who have speech impediments or have difficulty swallowing. Our services include but are not limited to the following: Speech Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) Cognition Adaptive speech devices Aural (hearing) rehabilitation Non-oral communication Communication options/alternatives Eating and swallowing strategies Home speech and language exercise program Patient education For…

IV Infusion

Unique Home Health offers infusion therapy for patients who cannot be treated by oral medications. Our treatments include the following: Antibiotics Migraine protocol/pain management Fluids for dehydration Chemotherapy Arthritis treatment For more inquiries about our Infusion Therapy services, please call us at (713) 271-2791.

Pediatrics Home Visits

Helping your child thrive at home There are few greater joys in the world than to see a child smile, watch them play, and most of all, hear them calling you mum or dad. Therefore, at Unique Home Health, we have dedicated ourselves to provide compassionate care to children who are sick and need care…

Skilled Nursing

Unique Home Health offers skilled nursing services for patients who require medical attention. Our licensed nurses will supervise and provide the following services: Supervision of Medications Treatments and Injections Wound Care Diabetic Training Disease Management and Self Care of Chronic Conditions Drawing Blood and Lab Work Dressing Changes IV Treatments Medication Instruction and Management Pain…

Physical Therapy

Unique Home Health offers Physical Therapy services for patients who have physical limitations and are going through recovery. Our services include but are not limited to the following: Body Mechanics Flexibility Training Muscle Therapy Orthopedics Therapy Fall Risk Reduction Gross Motor Coordination Home Exercises Gait Training Progressive Resistive Exercises Chronic Pain Management Balance And Gait…

Occupational Therapy

Unique Home Health offers Occupational Therapy services to help patients regain their strength, mobility and balance. Our services include but are not limited to the following: Muscle Re-Education Strength Enhancement Basic Skills Evaluation Mobility Training Exercise Programs Health Assessment Pain Management Regaining Mobility Self-Care Skills Training Sensory Functions Restoration Family Daily Activities Participation Energy Conservation…

Living in a familiar, comfortable environment – while receiving quality, compassionate care from experienced health professionals – is strongly preferred by most medically dependent adults.

That’s why we’re committed to providing customized home health care services that meet our clients’ individual needs.

At Unique Home Health Services, our skilled team of care managers, clinical directors and nurses works together to develop a comprehensive, coordinated plan of care designed to achieve each client’s goals and optimal outcomes.

Plus, we support our clients and their families by bringing together medical professionals, case managers, payers and others to create an integrated support system.

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